General Information


Lash Line


Our Lash line is the most natural eyeliner tattoo service you can get directly on the lash line. Once healed, it gives the appearance of fuller lashes. Great for those who wear minimal to no makeup looking for a more everyday look.

Please note a minimum of 2 weeks no lash lifts

A $100 deposit is required for lashes services.


Shaded Eyeliner (includes Lash Line)


Shaded Liner includes the lash line tattoo but with a smokey effect on the lid. The pixels blend together when healed and the end result looks like a soft eyeshadow. Subtle gorgeous lash liner. Gives the appearance of full lashes when healed.
Please note a minimum of 3 months not using a lash serum.
No Lash  Extensions day of your appointment.
Please submit a picture of your eyes BEFORE booking an appointment. Evaluation is needed.

A $100 deposit is required for lashes services.

Before Appointment

The First 24 Hours avoid:

• Steam
• Water
• Oils/Creams
• Facewash
• Makeup remover wipes

Additional Tips / After Care

• Avoid sleeping on your stomach
• Resist the temptation to touch the lashes
• Avoid eye products that contain oil
• Wait at least 8 weeks before your next lift


Cancellation Policy – Deposits are non-refundable. 


Monday – Thursday – 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM