General Information

Creating the perfect brows is typically a 2-part process:


      The 1st session is the foundation and the structure of the brows.

      The 2nd session is to perfect the color, shape, and details after the initial session has healed.


The second session is highly recommended so that your brows will look as best as possible! If you like your brows after the first session, you will love them after the second session.

What to Expect

This procedure is not recommended for those who are pregnant, nursing, or anyone using any kind of acne medication. No Botox a few weeks prior, no skin disorders, no blood thinners etc. If you have questions about this, please let us know. We can send more info to see if you’re a good candidate or not. Results may vary.


For 24 hours before your appointment:

  • NO alcohol
  • NO aspirin or blood thinners
  • NO caffeine
  • NO fish oil (All of these can cause excessive bleeding.
  • NO Botox at least three weeks prior
  • NO chemical or laser treatments at least six weeks prior
  • Must be off Accutane for a year

First, we have a consultation. We find out what you like and don’t like about your brows. You can bring pictures to show what you prefer, or just describe what you want. Then we draw that shape on your brows to see if it looks good, and to make sure everything is as symmetrical as we can possibly get them. They will not be completely identical. We try our best to get them that way, but we are doing this by hand. We don’t use a stencil or machine.


Once you’re happy with the shape, we clean up any stray hairs outside our map. We do not shave your brows off! We want you to keep as much natural brow hair as possible! We only remove the stray hairs that don’t belong! Then we numb you for 20-30 minutes. After you’re numb, we start on the first pass of each brow, outlining the shape of each one. Then we go back over each brow a second time to fill in the outline. When we have finished the second pass, we sit you up and let you see them to make sure they’re exactly how you want them. If there are a few strokes we need to add, we make one final pass before adding the last pigment. After all the microblading is done, the pigment sits on the brows for 10-15 minutes. We remove excess pigment, and voila, you’re done!! Brand new beautiful brows! The initial appointment takes 2 – 2.5 hours to complete.


The two-month follow-up appointment is important to fill in any gaps or faded lines where the pigment didn’t absorb or to adjust the shape if you want changes.  The touch-up sessions take 1.5 – 2 hours. The touch-up appointment is where the magic happens! If you liked your brows after the first session, you’ll love them after the second.


Minors not permitted. Please come to your appointment alone. All other guests will need to wait in their vehicle.

The first 7-10 days your brows will get very dark. This is normal. After that, the scabs will start to flake off and pigment will fade. It is typical for the pigment to fade approximately 20-30% after it heals. As you leave your appointment, we’ll give you after-care instructions. Basically no getting them wet for two weeks. No direct sun exposure, no scrubbing, rubbing or washing them, no lotions, potions or makeup on them. Try not to even sweat the first two weeks. (Good luck with that in Texas! ) We have some balm for you to use after your appointment for two weeks! Some have worn scuba masks to take showers, and some wear shower caps over their brows.  If they do accidentally get wet, carefully blot dry.


Touch-ups/color boosts once a year are $350.

We require a $100 deposit for all brow services and a $50 for teeth whitening services.


Are Your Eyebrows Already Tattooed?

Let’s talk OLD TATTOOS.  This client came into the studio with these old tattoos and wanted us to microblade over them.  She is very blonde and has no natural brow hair.


Covering up old tattoos with microblading CAN be done on SOME, but ideally, we’d rather start with a fresh canvas.  We have learned from experience that some just aren’t good candidates.  It’s a case by case basis.


We recommended that this client have them laser-removed first before we do microblading.  That way she won’t have to stick with the same previous shape, and she won’t have to continue fighting an up-hill battle trying to cover them.  Microblading will always fade faster, and she will STILL end up with the old ones in the end.  A never-ending problem.


Her tattoos were removed in one Treatment.  Depending how dark yours are, it could take 2-3 treatments before they’re gone completely.  (The white little spots go away – the bottom pic was taken immediately after the treatment.)


We have tried salt/saline solution to lighten up old tattoos with minimal results.  We HIGHLY RECOMMEND having your old tattoos lasered off first.  This client said it was uncomfortable, not terribly painful.


If you’re interested in laser tattoo removal, please contact us for more information. We will refer you to a local tattoo removal artist.




If you have previous work done on your eyebrows, please send us a picture so we can determine if you are a good candidate or not. Text pictures to (512) 705-7061.

old tattoo


Cancellation Policy – Deposits are non-refundable. 


Monday – Friday – 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM