General Information

What should I do before my Lip Blush appointment?


24 hours before:

No Smoking

No Coffee

No Alcohol

No Aspirin

No Fish Oil


All of these thin your blood. This can greatly affect the saturation of the pigment and healing of your treatment. The longer you can abstain from taking or using these, the better your results will be. The absolute most important part is to make sure your lips are hydrated before your appointment. Keep in mind the longer they can stay moisturized before your appointment the greater your results will be and the smoother the procedure will go.


For 2 days before:

Please use a sugar and honey scrub and avoid any lipstick (as they tend to dry out the lips).

[DIY Instructions:]

  • 2 parts sugar
  • 1 part honey

Massage in and leave on your lips for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Finally, apply your preferred lip moisturizer.


3 days before:

If you have ever had cold sores, you must get a prescription cold sore medicine prior to your appointment. Start taking your medicine for 3 days before your appointment and continue for 3 days after.


4 weeks before:

If you have lip fillers, they need to be done 4 weeks before the lip blush procedure or 4 weeks after.

Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy – Deposits are non-refundable. 


Monday, Wednesday & Thursday – 3:30 PM

Tuesday & Friday – 11 AM and 2:30 PM


Sometimes can accommodate other time slots even on the weekends.

For this opportunity, please contact Salina to schedule at 714.598.5918.


If Salina has not seen you before, you are a NEW CLIENT.  If you want a touchup on another artist’s work, you are still a NEW CLIENT.

If you have previous Lip Blushing, no matter how much they have faded, please text photos of your current lips without makeup to 714.598.5918 BEFORE you make an appointment.  Please take photos in natural lighting, indoors by a window. Include closeup photos as well as a full-face photo so we can determine if you’re a good candidate for a coverup.


6 -8 Weeks after initial Lip Blushing

We will schedule this appointment for you when you come for your NEW CLIENT session.


12 – 14 Months

You can schedule your Annual Touchups online.  If your shape is still visible and you don’t need them changed or re-drawn, you can schedule as an Annual Touchup.  This is for current clients only.

For other booking opportunities, like taking the spot of a cancelation, contact Salina directly at 714.598.5918.

We recommend that you come in for a touch-up once a year to keep your lips looking their best. If you wait too long, and a full re-do is necessary, it will be at the current full price.

A $100 deposit is required for lip blush services. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.


Lip Blush


Lip blushing is a type of semipermanent cosmetic tattooing procedure achieved by depositing pigments in your lips using small needles. While also sometimes called lip tattooing, this is more of a cosmetic enhancement rather than traditional tattoo art.

If you have any trouble, please text us and let us know at 714.598.5918. Looking forward to meeting you!