Old Tattoos

Let’s talk OLD TATTOOS.  This client came into the studio with these old tattoos and wanted us to microblade over them.  She is very blonde and has no natural brow hair.


Covering up old tattoos with microblading CAN be done on SOME, but ideally, we’d rather start with a fresh canvas.  We have learned from experience that some just aren’t good candidates.  It’s a case by case basis.


We recommended that this client have them laser-removed first before we do microblading.  That way she won’t have to stick with the same previous shape, and she won’t have to continue fighting an up-hill battle trying to cover them.  Microblading will always fade faster, and she will STILL end up with the old ones in the end.  A never-ending problem.


Her tattoos were removed in one Treatment.  Depending how dark yours are, it could take 2-3 treatments before they’re gone completely.  (The white little spots go away – the bottom pic was taken immediately after the treatment.)


We have tried salt/saline solution to lighten up old tattoos with minimal results.  We HIGHLY RECOMMEND having your old tattoos lasered off first.  This client said it was uncomfortable, not terribly painful.


If you’re interested in laser tattoo removal, please contact us for more information. We will refer you to a local tattoo removal artist.




If you have old tattoos and want them covered up, please text us some pics of your current tattoos so we can determine if you’re a good candidate or not.


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