Austin Woman Magazine article “Woman to Watch”

March 2018

Kristin Claridge has a passion for making people happy. She graduated from cosmetology school in 2006 with a goal of helping women look and feel beautiful. She feels women carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and that if she can help take that load off and let them escape their stresses, she is doing her job.

Claridge opened Studio420 Brows to offer women a more permanent solution to their eyebrow struggles, and this year, the studio is celebrating its two-year anniversary. Since its opening, the studio has quickly become Texas’ premier microblading studio, serving thousands of clients from Texas and throughout the nation.

Claridge believes not only do brows enhance a woman’s outward beauty, but that her customers leave the studio feeling more beautiful, with a sparkle in their eyes and more confidence. For Claridge, it’s an incredible transformation to watch and be part of.


Great Brows at Time Square, NY!

August 8, 2018

Christina Coker (christina_coker on Insta) is the beautiful girl with killer brows on the header of our website.

Look at her gorgeous self in an ad for SAS Shoes at Time Square!


KENS5 Great Day San Antonio

 May 26, 2017