Crystal Mastronardi

Oh my, I am feeling fabulous right now! Kristin did such an amazing job on my brows today. I was a bit skeptical at first especially since I already had previously tattooed Chola brows… I thought no way can she make my brows look real again. Welp folks she sure did make them look soft and “Normal” again. My prayers have been answered ♡


Her studio is such a relaxing and CLEAN place. She knows how to pamper a girl. She was very attentive…offered me a blanket and a drink. I felt very comfortable and I highly recommend going to see her if you are looking to get your eyebrows done. Kristin is so talented and has a VERY steady hand. She is worth the drive if you live out of town!

Demi Marie

Kristin and Studio 420 Is AMAZING!!!! My brows needed some help! I’ve been getting waxed since I was 16 and for some reason, they have always been very difficult to shape them without making them too thin. I watched serval YouTube videos trying to learn how to perfect my brows and had no luck.


Now that Kristin has worked her magic, my eyebrows are perfect!!! I love love love them! Not to mention Kristin has great energy and makes the entire experience fabulous!! It’s definitely worth every penny and a road trip from San Antonio to Austin!! Thanks so much Kristin!!

Melanie Angel

Finding this place has been a dream come true!! I’m so in love with my brows “LOVE THEM” I say! To not have to spend the extra time putting your brows on, which in my case I needed them to be fuller!!! My girl Kristin came along and helped me out and made my dream come true !! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND KRISTIN!! Thanks, girl much love for ya!

Tafia Byers

I LOOOOVE Kristin! her studio is beautiful and she makes you feel right at home. I totally recommend her for microblading! I absolutely adore my new brows! I can’t wait to go back for my touch up!

Teresa Lucia

SUCH a great experience and I LOOOVVEE my new brows! Definitely worth the drive to Hutto- Kristin is extremely talented and gave me the natural looking brows I always wanted.

Shanita Arnold Kozlowski

Kristin is such a joy to work with! Her studio Is pristine, her work is spectacular l, and she listens to each client to give them what they want. She is reassuring through the whole process. Even when I contacted her with questions during healing, she was available and answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend her.

Hayley Price

I drove all the way from Oklahoma (six hours to be exact) just to get my brows done by Kristin. She listened intently as I described how I wanted my brows. She took her time on her work, even double and triple checked my brows before I was done. I appreciate the fact that she paid attention to the tiniest details. My before and after pictures speak for themselves.


I LOVE my brows! Aside from being an amazing brow artist, Kristin is such a sweet (and funny) person. Plus, she has great taste in music that she plays while doing brows. I HIGHLY recommend Kristin for microblading. It’s worth the drive. You won’t regret it!

Shannon Robbins

I love this place! I found studio 420 just browsing through my newsfeed. I’m a natural blonde and my issue was not that I lacked brow hair, but that the hair was so light you could barely see it. I booked an appointment with Kristin after about three months of reviewing her work and comparing it to others, and let me tell you, it was the best thing I’ve ever done! They look amazing, better than I could have ever hoped for!


It was painless and totally fun! The entire process from start to finish was clean and I felt completely confident in Kristin. She explained even step as she did it, and made sure I was happy with everything before I left. It was worth every penny and I highly recommend to anyone and everyone!

Tiffany Newman Stakes

First things first – do your research! When you’re getting a semi-permanent tattoo ON YOUR FACE, you want it to look awesome. Kristin and her studio are AMAZING. Not only is she talented and super fun to spend several hours with, but she also makes sure she understands exactly what your goals are. I had very light and thin blonde brows that were basically not visible unless you were in my face (awkward 😉 ).


Kristin followed my natural shape to create the best brows! The hardest part is keeping them dry during healing and avoiding scratching the itch! The touch-up is where the magic happens. Don’t freak out during the healing process – the color decreases a TON ….and that’s totally normal. Be patient with the process, you’re in great hands with Studio420.

Tiffany Roman

I was so scared to get my eyebrows micro bladed but I’m so glad I did! IN LOVE AND HAPPY I did them!!! I’m not going to lie, I felt like going into hiding during the healing process the first two weeks and kept bugging Kristin about how they were going to turn out Doubting they weren’t going to turn out good but I was wrong and she was right! The price was so worth it!! THANK YOU, KRISTIN!!!

Carrie McCaslin

Absolutely love Kristin! Funny, great energy AND does amazing work. I have the best looking eyebrows now! I have to admit I was a little freaked out when I first looked in the mirror at my eyebrows (they seemed so dark and BIG), but I’m soooo happy with the results!

Christina Bermea Rodriguez

Kristin is a miracle worker for brows! I absolutely love the work she did. I also like her honesty. My mother had tattooed her eyebrows a while back and Kristin was so honest with her about having them removed first, then to have them microbladed. She could have just done them and taken her money, but she was honest and told her that the brows would just blend in and not notice the micro blade. She is awesome!!!!

Joni Vara

Absolutely best microblader! I was completely nervous when I went in for my initial appointment. I had pictures of what I did not want my eyebrows to look like. I was afraid they would be too bold or too much especially since I don’t wear make-up every day. The process was easy. People ask if it hurts and NO it doesn’t because she puts the numbing creme on and continually asks if you need more.


When I had the reveal, I was wowed. I looked at myself for the next 24 hours non-stop. I thought they looked good, but on the second day I was like “Oh, my there is so much eyebrow”. I thought I made a mistake. I took selfies all day for the next few weeks and applied the creme to make sure they didn’t dry out. I put on a visor in the shower so my eyebrows wouldn’t get wet and I slept with pigtails to prevent me from sleeping on my sides. Needless to say, I am in love with my eyebrows. My husband said I look “exotic”!!


I was much calmer when I went in for the touch-up and like Kristen says, “Magic”. These eyebrows are seriously gorgeous and people comment all the time. Guess what, I wake up like this!! Whoop!! Thank you, Kristin, for your professionalism and playful attitude. Your studio is magnificent and so are you. I carry Studio420brows business cards with me because I get asked all the time about my brows. Thank you!!!

Devin Lozano

I came across Kristin’s Instagram page by accident which is actually what originally sparked my interest in the microblading procedure. I live in San Antonio but no one in the area came with such high reviews or had such a surplus of before and after photos like Studio 420. After countless visits to Kristin’s Facebook and Instagram page (and after stalking her Snapchat story every day ) I finally decided to schedule my appointment and I am BEYOND happy that I did.


Like any permanent/semi-permanent cosmetic procedure, the procedure is kind of pricey but absolutely worth it. Plus you get what you pay for and Kristin’s work is worth every penny! Not only did she do a fabulous job on my brows she made me feel SO comfortable. She made me feel welcomed from the moment I walked in and even checked in on me the evening following my first appointment. The whole experience exceeded all my expectations and I could not be happier with my results!


I’ll admit even with the numbing gel the procedure was a little uncomfortable but I’m a wimp when it comes to pain so it’s definitely nothing intolerable. If I could, I would give Kristin 10 stars. She’s absolutely wonderful. My touch up was in September and even after 5 months I’m still completely in love with my results. Take the leap! Book your brows with Studio 420 you will not be disappointed.

Lyndsey Garza

I cannot rave enough about how incredible Studio420, Kristin (and my new eyebrows) are! This was my first time doing microblading and I was pretty hesitant (yet intrigued). I found the salon on Instagram from a friend. I loved how active her Facebook and Instagram are, as well as the incredible results. There’s seemingly 100’s of clients with new, drop-dead gorgeous eyebrows in Kristin’s portfolio. Kristin is THE premiere microblading artist in south/central Texas, guaranteed.


Kristin and her colleagues make you feel welcome, warm, and beautiful from the second you walk in the door. You’re paying for unreal, flawless eyebrows, and even better customer service. Kristin is for sure to make you laugh and feel at ease. Worth every penny… and I cannot wait to see my new eyebrows healed after my touch-up appointment! Beautiful, modern, and immaculately clean office. Ask for a blanket – they’re warm and cuddly and known to make people fall asleep in the chair.

Rita DeAnna Boatner

Kristin is amazing!! I was recommended to her by a neighbor who had her eyebrows done! I had heard of the process and was interested in doing it. After seeing pics of her work I knew I had to get them done! The studio is clean, organized, and well set up. You even get a comfy blanket while you get them done. Kristin will work with you on the shape and color until you are 100 percent sure!


The process is not painful at all! Kristin is very detailed and customizes them to your face! If you are thinking about it, do it! You will not regret them when you wake up with gorgeous brows every day!

Gabriella Garcia

Driving in from San Antonio I was extremely nervous, I didn’t know what to expect at all! Kristin was so warm and welcoming. Her studio is so cute – making you feel comfortable right away.


To make a long story short-worth every penny! I loveeee my brows! I get compliments all the time and they are just the brows I’ve always wanted. Can’t wait to see you in about two years, Kristin! Is that weird? Thanks again!!!

Kristina Grant

I researched microbladers for about 9 months prior to going to Kristin. I looked at their before and afters pictures, their strategy/technique, their facility, and Studio 420 Brows was by far superior to all of them. Kristin was amazing from the very first text all the way until now, long after my touch-up. Her warm heart and her tremendous talent cannot be ignored. Even my husband, who was reluctant about me getting microblading, is now a fan, all because of Kristin and 420 Brows. If you are considering microblading, please see Studio420 Brows, you will be so happy you did!

Ali Childres

After nearly a year of researching microblading and even thinking of traveling to California I FINALLY found Kristin through a friend and I am so happy I did. The studio is marvelously clean and she makes you feel right at home, not once did I feel like I wasn’t incapable hands. Kristin is truly understanding that this can be a very scary thing for most people so she makes sure to take her time and fully explain the process. I’m not going to lie, when I first picked up that mirror I thought, “what the hell did I just do?!?” because I did not recognize myself.


Kristin said to trust her and let time heal it. They will look different, that’s what you’re there for, right? So I waited. Four days later I was IN LOVE. The ink faded a bit and swelling went way down. I have received sooooo many compliments and I haven’t even gone back for my touch up yet. I can’t wait for when I do. Now that was all about Kristin’s insane talent to absolutely kill it at doing a girl’s brows. I didn’t even mention her contagious personality. As Nike says, just do it. And as I say, and obviously many others who have visited Kristin, you will not regret it.

Kathleen Almond Lawes

Kristin and everyone that works at Studio 420 is awesome. She did such and amazing job on my eyebrows and I’ve had them done elsewhere over the years (tattooed not microblading). I have to say I freaked out a little the next day because I thought they were too thick (and I am super OCD about them) but honestly, now I look back at pictures and think I filled in my eyebrows too thin!!


She knows what is going to look good on your face and is an artist. I love how you can see individual “hairs”. I had my touch up today and they look amazing, plus, they make my life sooooo much easier!!